WHITE WIZZARD Vocalist Leaves Band

Sunday, 6th October 2013

Vocalist Joseph Michael of L.A.-based traditional metallers WHITE WIZZARD has issued the following update:

“Jon [Leon, bass] has been stealing money from us. From [the] Indiegogo fund and out on tour and I called him out on it.

“The fact is he has taken money and not kept receipts and just basically made up numbers since the first tour I did in August. I had read all the horror stories about Jon and his past issues with members. I gave the guy the benefit of the doubt, but after continually watching him skim profits from every tour I decided to speak up.

“He then fired me last night on the night off. Then announced that I was refusing to sing. It’s all lies; I was fired and he couldn’t find someone to sing, so he begged me 5 minutes before they went on.

“Jon Leon is a conman and has not honored one word he has said since I have joined this band. After I sang on WHITE WIZZARD  – Devil’s Cut he threatened to forbid Earache Records from releasing it with my vocals if I didn’t sign a new contract giving no rights and a far worse deal. After the work was done.

If it wasn’t for Will Wallner and Jake Dreyer standing up to this criminal, he would have left myself and filmmaker Don Adams stranded in the middle of nowhere. Jon Leon has paid for nothing on this trip and has acted a child the whole time. Please do not let him rip you off if you purchased from Indiegogo.


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