WHITE EMPRESS Release “The Ecstatic And The Sorrow”

Wednesday, 12th November 2014

WHITE EMPRESS the new band founded by former Cradle Of Filth guitarist Paul Allender, have released a new video for the track “The Ecstatic And The Sorrow”. The track is featured on the band’s debut album, Rise Of The Empress (out now via Peaceville Records), and the video includes footage shot over three days on the band’s North American Halloween shows.

Formed by guitarist Paul Allender – previously of UK titan Cradle Of Filth – and with a full band lineup, this new venture into the metal landscape under the moniker of White Empress exudes the depth and ferocity of his prior work whilst pushing new boundaries. Allender’s signature razor-sharp riffing and epic, melodic twists and turns compliment the sumptuously alluring and often demonic voice of Mary Zimmer (Luna Mortis) to create a master class in savage, yet uplifting metallic darkness.

The album was recorded in White Empress’ studio and has been mixed and mastered by veteran producer, Kit Woolven (Thin Lizzy, Cradle Of Filth). With Allender’s relentless guitar and Zimmer’s diverse vocals, ranging from operatic to death metal screams, White Empress is exploring new areas of metal.

“White Empress is the link the music scene has been so desperately missing,” said Allender. “The band started writing together two years ago, and have slowly crafted the sound that is White Empress. White Empress has all the best parts of the metal scene rolled up into one band. The music is hard, but emotive. White Empress’ unique style and sound is bringing fresh life to the music scene that it’s been crying out for.”

Rise of the Empress track listing:

1. Rise Of The Empress
2. The Congregation
3. A Prisoner Unleashed
4. Darkness Encroaching
5. Sven’s Tower
6. Erased And Rewritten
7. The Ecstatic And The Sorrow
8. Dethroned
9. Obsession With The Empress (Human To Divine)
10. Ours To Burn
11. Exile (The Empress Returns)
12. Fall Of The Old Guard

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