WARDRUNA To Appear Live In Norway

Wednesday, 8th May 2013

After a long absense from performing in Oslo, Norway, viking folk artists WARDRUNA have announced that they will return to the Scandinavian city for an appearance at Riksscenen on October 18. Fans can expect to hear songs from their new album, Yggdrasil which was released through March 25 in Europe and April 2 in North America via Indie Recordings. WARDRUNA will also play live in the UK for the first time, at Queen Elizabeth Hall on October 24 with guests STEINDÓR ANDERSEN and HILMAR ÖRN HILMARSSON.

Composer and vocalist Einar “Kvitrafn” Selvik commented about the opportunity: “I’m very glad to finally be performing in the UK and that one of the finest concert halls in England will house Wardruna. It has always been very important to me that our concerts are made within the right aesthetic conditions, where the places we play and our musical expression complement each other. Then we are in a much better position to create special moments both for us and for the audience.”

Among WARDRUNA’s ranks: GAAHL, former vocalist of GORGOROTH (TRELLDOM), vocalist Lindy Fay Hella, percussionist Erlend Gjerde and founder Einar ‘Kvitrafn’ Selvik. Together, the quartet continue to deliver a beautiful rendition of Norse culture, wisdom and spirituality.

If you haven’t heard the offerings of Yggdrasil yet, check out the album trailers below via Youtube.


Yggdrasil tracklisting:
1. Rotlaust Tre Fell
2. Fehu
3. NaudiR
4. EhwaR
5. AnsuR
6. IwaR
7. IngwaR
8. Gibu
9. Solringen
10. Sowelu
11. Helvegen



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