NewsVintage Video: Kreator's "People Of The Lie"

Vintage Video: Kreator’s “People Of The Lie”

With the band’s co-headlining North American tour with Overkill right around the corner (as in, October 30), we felt it was necessary to give the nod to one of Kreator’s longtime live staples, “People of the Lie.” Taken from 1990’s Coma of Souls, “People of the Lie” was one of the first mid-tempo standouts for the Germans, perhaps somewhat of a sign of things to come with the change-of-pace Renewal album, which came two years later and was surprisingly, bereft of the band’s trademark vitriolic Tuetonic thrash. “People of the Lie” though, is about as concise and razor-sharp of a song in Kreator’s catalog, stuffed with Mille Petrozza’s patented angst and of course, the caustically brutal, but simple main riff…

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