Video: MEGADETH Frontman Uses Homophobic Slur, Ejects Fan From Concert

Thursday, 6th June 2013

Has Mustaine lost his marbles? It certainly appears that way. Video has surfaced today of MEGADETH frontman/guitarist Dave Mustaine using a homophobic slur toward a fan and subsequently having the showgoer ejected from the band’s concert last night (June 5) in Manchester, England. Fan filmed footage of the incident may be viewed below. MEGADETH is currently touring in support of their latest album, Super Collider, which was released on June 4.

According to various reports online, MEGADETH was dealing with technical issues during their set at the Academy and was forced to go off stage for about 10 minutes after the sixth song, “Architecture Of Aggression”, while the problems were being fixed. When the band returned, a angry fan was apparently booing Mustaine and flipping off the MEGADETH vocalist for having made everyone wait. This promoted Mustaine to launch into a minute-long tirade during which he commented: “You look like Eminem, you stupid cunt.”

He continued: “Listen, you guys pay a lot of money to see us play, and I don’t wanna stand here in the dark. I mean, part of the whole MEGADETH show is us smiling and making that connection with you.”

He addressed the fan again: “Get the fuck out of here! Get this guy out of here! You blonde bitch. C’mon up here. I’ve got a big cock for your face. [Making kissing sounds] Here it comes… Stick that finger right up your ass, you little f****t.”

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