VALLENFYRE Reveals Cover Art For “Splinters”

Thursday, 13th March 2014

On May 12th in Europe and on May 13th in North America, VALLENFYRE’s second full-length, Splinters, will be released via Century Media Records. The simple, yet striking cover artwork was created by Brian D’Agosta, who previously drew a logo for VALLENFYRE bassist Scoot’s other band, EXTINCTION OF MANKIND, as well as artwork for many other bands.

“VALLENFYRE was something I felt utterly compelled to do. It was almost like I didn’t have a choice. I was told by a bereavement counselor that I should write down and vocalize my feelings. I did just that and then everything just seemed to take a natural course,” is how Greg Mackintosh (vocals/lead guitars), best known as a founding member of long-running UK gothic metal pioneers PARADISE LOST, describes the initial spark helping him to transform the anger and sadness ensuing the loss of his father into the death/doom/crust opus A Fragile King (2011).

While being the main songwriter in Paradise Lost, Greg also stepped up to being the front-man for VALLENFYRE – and sang for the first time, citing Karl Willetts (BOLT THROWER), Chuck Schuldiner (DEATH), Oscar Garcia (NAUSEA, TERRORIZER), Pete Steele (CARNIVORE, TYPE O NEGATIVE) as influences. A Fragile King turned out to be a heartfelt, cathartic and therapeutic release, which now finds it continuation on the even more abrasive and extreme second full-length, Splinters.

Inspired by the likes of HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST, AUTOPSY, ANTISECT, DISCHARGE, NIHILIST, early NAPALM DEATH, early BATHORY, and CONFLICT, Vallenfyre digs deep into the roots of extreme music, yet due to Greg’s infallible song-writing skills, as well as the organic and absolutely crushing sound courtesy of Kurt Ballou (CONVERGE, BLACK BREATH, BEASTMILK), Splinters is far away from mere nostalgia.

For a first preview of Splinters, a video trailer featuring part of the album’s opening track, ‘Scabs’, can be viewed below:


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