UNSEA: New Album Streaming In Full

Tuesday, 4th November 2014

The impact of Random Cosmic Violence, the second album from Portland, Oregon’s UNSEA, and first of the band’s releases for Relapse Records, will be felt worldwide next week, and a full album stream is now available below.

Formed in 2011, perpetuating a severely crushing style of black/occult metal-influenced funeral doom, with a majestic epic quality to their movements, UNSEA quickly caught the attention of those who seek the most crushing and demoralizing bands of the genre, bringing to mind Disembowelment, Indian, Mournful Congregation, Pallbearer, Lycus, Thou and Loss. Through merely a self-titled, two-track on Orca Wolf Records at the beginning of 2013, and a split 7″ with Ruins through Halo Of Flies in mid-2014 in their short but bountiful lifespan thus far, UNSEA has amassed a plethora of incredible media coverage and devotee support, leaving countless fans awaiting the next major step for the band.

Blending the sounds of the doom forefathers like Disembowelment and My Dying Bride with the gritty sludge of High On Fire, UNSEA has created a classic of the new millennium. Recorded and mixed by Jared “Fester” See at Haywire Studios (Stoneburner, Rabbits, Drunk Dad) who supplies additional guitars to the title track, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Yob, High On Fire, Integrity), the artwork and design was handled by Justin Cory and Orion Landau.

Pulsating with tribal intensity, Random Cosmic Violence is one of those rare records which elevates itself above the boundaries that its genre typically self-imposes. Yes, this is a mighty heavy piece of sludge-laden funeral doom, but the musicality and songcraft exhibited throughout the entirety of Random Cosmic Violence immediately place UNSEA not just at the forefront of the blossoming American doom scene, but at the tops of heavy music altogether.

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