TYPE O NEGATIVE: Peter Steele’s Estate Withdrawals Endorsement Of Forthcoming Biography

Monday, 8th September 2014

According to Darcie Rowan PR – on behalf of TYPE O NEGATIVE frontman Peter “Steele” Ratajczyk and his surviving sisters – the estate has withdrawn their involvement in and endorsement of the upcoming book about Peter Steele’s life entitled Soul On Fire by Jeff Wagner.

A statement reads: Contrary to promises by the author to create a book representing the life of Peter Steele as ‘the man and his music’, the author’s manuscript has included material that the family deems to be not only non-factual, but sensational focusing on the controversy around his life & grossly distorting the truth rather than about celebrating the man and his music as promised. For that reason, Peter’s family, the estate withdraws it’s involvement and no longer wishes to be associated with this project”.

Culled from a variety of sources, including recollections from band mates, family, close friends and record label reps, Soul On Fire is an account of Steele’s creative genius and incredibly complex personality. Steele was a visionary and a provocateur; a generous friend and a self-deprecating hedonist; a band mate and a brother. His struggles with addiction and his acceptance of the Catholic faith he grew up with and then grew out of…all of this is surveyed and detailed within Soul On Fire.

For more details visit Petersteelebio.com.

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