TRINITY FALLEN – Featuring Ex-TESTAMENT Bassist Greg Christian – Completes Lineup

Wednesday, 25th February 2015

Former TESTAMENT bassist Greg Christian has joined forces with KINNEFRET guitarist Artak Ozan in a new band called TRINITY FALLEN. The new group’s current lineup is rounded out by vocalist Zack Mats and drummer Timothy Bailey.

Says Christian: “Zack [is] from Santa Rosa, California [and] he’s not known for this style of music or as a frontman. He’s a serious multi-skilled musician. [He] plays a myriad of instruments, including saxophone, stand up bass, piano, and a lot more. [He] has a great voice, [with] tons of range, dynamics, and is capable of singing with aggression. The ‘jazz guy’ looks like a frontman for a heavy band and he hits it and feels it for real.”

He continues: “Finally… I have a for real rock ‘n’ roll band. Heavy as fuck, but it all still rocks. That’s what a lot of bands seem to forget these days. Everything’s split up into a gazillion sub-genres. All tunnel-visioned in various ways and directions. It’s the Tower of Babel separating us all. I want to bring it back around. Bring people back together. I just want to put out music that hits hard and people can connect with, and is (just like I want to call the debut album) undeniable.”


Artak Ozan – guitar
Zack Mats – vocals
Greg Christian – bass
Timothy Bailey – drums

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