Tribute Album To WOODS OF YPRES Now Available

Tuesday, 21st May 2013

A Heart Of Gold: Tribute To Woods Of Ypres, dedicated to the memory of WOODS OF YPRES frontman David Gold, is now available for digital download at here or via the Bandcamp widget below. Fans can purchase a hard copy of the album by sending $20 via PayPal with their name, mailing address and email to Check out the CD’s track listing, artwork and three Youtube clips from the tribute album below.

WOODS OF YPRES frontman and founder, David Gold passed away in December 2011 before Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light’s official release. The tribute album was started shortly after David’s passing, the finished project now featuring WOODS OF YPRES songs covered by 19 bands of Gold’s peers. A Heart Of Gold: Tribute To Wood Of Ypres was mastered by Dan Swanö in Sweden.


A Heart Of Gold: Tribute To Woods Of Ypres tracklisting:

Disc 1
1. Thrill Of The Struggle – CATUVOLCUS
2. Adora Vivos – Raphael from MUSK OX
3. Lightning And Snow – EARTHEN
4. Falling Apart – CANOPY
5. A Meeting Place And Time – PANZERFAUST
6. Finality’ – KUHRZARTH
7. The Sun Was In My Eyes – ANEMIC
8. Retrosleep In The Morning Calm – ALBIREON
9. Suicide Cargoload (live) – GYPSY CHIEF GOLIATH
10. Career Suicide – RELIQUIS

Disc 2
1. Wet Leather – NOVEMBERS DOOM
2. Crossing The 45th Parallel – ECLIPSE ETERNAL
3. Allure Of The Earth – AMARANTH
4. The Shams Of Optimisim – PAGAN RITUAL
5. Silver – Joel Violette and Rae Amitay of WOODS OF YPRES / THRAWSUNBLAT
6. The Sea Of Immeasureable Loss – BEGOTTEN
7. Shedding The Deadwood – EMPYREAN PLAGUE
8. Trillium: The 3rd Of Three Winters – Justin Bender of INTO ETERNITY
9. The Looming Of Dust In The Dark – THE GOV AND CARVER


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