The Secret Service Apparently Digs ANNIHILATOR

Saturday, 15th March 2014

ANNIHILATOR guitarist/founder Jeff Waters has posted the following update:

“What does the US Secret Service, The US Ambassador of the United States (for Germany) and Jeff Waters from ANNIHILATOR have in common? Well, not much, but something!

Today at Muskimesse (Frankfurt, Germany), I was scheduled to play a show on the Gibson Motodrom Stage at 4:00pm German Time. After a quick soundcheck, I ran to the Gibson bus beside the stage to grab a Coca Cola. A man in a brown suit and glasses put his hand to my chest and said ‘NO’ as I was about to board the bus (my second home when on guitar clinic tours in Europe)! Anyway, it turns out that it was a Secret Service agent and the Pres. of Gibson and the US Ambassador were on the bus getting a tour of the bus! My show was postponed an hour (they wanted quiet while they were talking on the bus) but then they left in a hurry and my show started. But before they left, another Secret Service guy walked by me on the way out and said ‘I hope you will be playing Word Salad!’ Hehe! I guess I’ve finally made it; a US Secret Service agent digs my songs!”

Waters has been playing at the Epiphone/Gibson stage and/or the outside Motodom each day at the Frankfurt Musikmesse Fair grounds from March 12th until today (March 15th).

ANNIHILATOR’s new album, Feast, was released last fall via UDR.

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