NewsTHE RESISTANCE Releases “Dead” Lyric Video

THE RESISTANCE Releases “Dead” Lyric Video

THE RESISTANCE, the Swedish death/thrash ensemble who features former and current members of IN FLAMES and THE HAUNTED have released the lyric video for “Dead,” which comes from their mini Torture Tactics album, which is due February 27 via earMusic.

The effort is described in a press release as “30 minutes of a good old slap in the face. It jumps at you with its pure aggression, speedy and heavy guitars, the obvious heavy distortion and the extreme beats. Topped with the distinctive angry growling vocals of Marco Aro [also of THE HAUNTED] — who is literally screaming his lungs out — the brand new six songs are a boisterous statement.”

Additionally, the mini-album features four bonus tracks: two songs each taken from the band’s last EP, “Rise From Treason”, and the last album, Scars.

Torture Tactics track listing:

1. For War *
2. Dead *
3. Cowards *
4. Deception *
5. The Burning *
6. Dying Words *
7. Slugger
8. Expand To Expire
9. Face To Face
10. I Bend You Break

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