Swedish SHINING Sign With Season Of Mist

Tuesday, 6th May 2014

Season of Mist is proud to announce the signing of the groundbreaking, controversial Swedish metal band SHINING. The band is currently writing their 9th studio album, to be released by Season of Mist in early 2015.

Regarding the signing, SHINING mastermind Niklas Kvarforth comments: “After a long period of negotiations and discussions that lasted almost eight years, I have now chosen to grant Season of Mist the privilege of releasing the next SHINING album. We have also once again decided to work with Andy La Roque and record at his Sonic Train facilities (ASCENSION, HAMMERFALL, IN FLAMES). The ceremony is set to begin in September, and thus my ninth child can be expected in early 2015.”

Founded in 1996, SHINING has since earned notoriety within the black metal underground as a result of the band’s innovative and ever-evolving sound, in addition to main-man Niklas Kvarforth’s frightening and abrasive stage persona. Characterized by Kvarforth’s philosophy on suicide, SHINING was originally conceived as a “suicidal black metal” band, inciting violence within their rabid fan-base through the band’s provocative lyrics and self-destructive imagery.

Refusing to be bound by the confines of the genre, SHINING later expanded their unique approach to songwriting and themes, incorporating melodic death metal passages and dynamic vocals ranges. These new influences developed SHINING into new breed of extreme music players, whose musical prowess continues to tread new ground.

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