Super Massive Black Holes’ Denver Bergreen: What I’m Listening To

Sunday, 27th April 2014

There’s so much good music out there right now, it’s overwhelming. There’s stuff I’ve been meaning to check out for months, but there just isn’t enough hours in a day! But, every once in a while there’s a record that just shatters your view on music and what’s been done thus far, and what’s still out there, waiting to be unleashed.

For me, Gorguts’ new record Colored Sands is such an album. The composition, instrumentation, lyrics, production and flow in general make you pay attention, pretty much from the get-go. My favorite track is “Enemies of Compassion.” At first it’s so groovy it makes you sway your head uncontrollably, then it takes a turn into territory I can only describe as “What?”, but in a good way.

gorgutscoloredcdThen my next favorite isn’t just one of my favorite death metal songs, but also my favorite classical piece, because it’s a full orchestra arrangement written by a death metal genius. Totally unprecedented in terms of scope and execution. Real instruments played by hired guns to produce the most amazing interlude track I’ve ever heard on any album.

cloudkicker-subsumeNext on my list is Cloudkicker’s newest effort Subsume. It’s a post-rock meets prog metal ear-extravaganza of excellence. I find myself coming back to this album time and time again because it has one thing in overwhelming abundance: Taste. The tastiest record I’ve listened to in so long, I just can’t get enough of it. Interestingly enough, one of the things that endears it to me as much as it does is the production. It’s just so warm and inviting, never a harsh frequency to be had. I can listen to it 10 times in a row and not get sick of the tones. Any producer would likely find it hard to admit that it’s “good”, because it’s just not that polished. But I think he just really nailed it super hard for what the music is going for.

In the realm of electro-chill, I’ve been spinning Tycho’s Dive for quite some time. It is near perfection when it comes to just chilling the fuck out. His production is stellar, and his composition just makes you feel better about the world knowing there’s something out there that can make you feel so content.

albumcoverAvishaiCohen-AtHomeFinally, I’ve been listening to Avishai Cohen Trio’s At Home recording. Such a fantastic jazz offering. Tech, groovy, dynamic. It’s got it all. They’re at their finest with the tracks “Freediop” and “(DJN) Punk.” The laid back and easy way they pull off crazy technical passages is astounding.

Super Massive Black Holes’ most recent album, Calculations of the Ancients, will be released this month via Minotauro Records. For more information on the band, click here.

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