NewsSSS Inks Deal With Prosthetic Records

SSS Inks Deal With Prosthetic Records

Liverpool, England crossover masters SSS (Short Sharp Shock) have inked a deal with Prosthetic Records. SSS is an uncompromising crossover outfit with three albums on Earache Records already under its belt, alongside years of venomous live shows and an urgent socio-political message that is more important today than ever.

With a background deeply rooted within the U.K. hardcore underground, SSS truly embodies the “crossover” tag, bringing together an aggressive hardcore attitude, punk/crust defiance, metal precision and grindcore’s raw intensity. The band’s gritty style draws from such heavyweights as DISCHARGE, D.R.I., NAPALM DEATH, INFEST, TERRORIZER and MOTÖRHEAD. Nonplussed as always, the enraged lyrical content of SSS rails against a misanthropic modern age while never losing their self-effacing sarcasm that can cut the self-righteous down to size. Here is a band that asks you to finally open your eyes and look around.

To celebrate the signing, Prosthetic will issue a special limited seven-inch by the band on November 2 to coincide with the appearance of SSS at this year’s Damnation Festival in Leeds. Entitled Manipulated Living and featuring three new recordings exclusive to this vinyl, this is a one-time pressing of 500 copies. Once it’s sold out, it’s dead.

Foxy, SSS vocalist, commented on the signing: “We are excited to finally announce that we’ve signed on with Prosthetic Records, a label whose roster proves its dedication to all facets of heavy music. It’s a great opportunity as they really believe in what we’re doing.”

Duncan Dinsdale, Prosthetic European label manager, added: “It’s a pleasure to be working with such an urgent band as SSS. While most bands have nothing to say, SSS stand tall as a potent voice in extreme music. They write the meanest riffs too. We’re all chuffed to be working with this mob.”

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