NewsSoul Remnants' Tom Preziosi: What I'm Listening To

Soul Remnants’ Tom Preziosi: What I’m Listening To

There’s a trend going on in death metal these days. Usually when we use word “trend” in the metal community, it’s an ugly way to describe something getting redundant and often uninspired. This trend I’m speaking of, for the most part, is actually a welcomed occurrence in most metal fans’ minds — Reunions. Yes, many can argue that such rehashes are cash grabs without the original integrity initially so profound on early releases, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t conjure up some nostalgia of a classic era that still can’t be touched.

cancerbandI recently heard about the Cancer (pictured) reunion for one off shows and festivals. Talk about a band that didn’t get due credit in their prime. Finding this news, I blew the dust off my Sins of Mankind cd and had a go. Not the most ground breaking band, but heavy and to the point. Seriously, put on the track Meat Train and try not to head bang to that! Death Shall Rise is another of their essential death metal records. The mighty James Murphy shreds on that record, speaking of which, how about a Disincarnate reunion?

Now, there’s rumors of a Dark Angel reunion all over the place. Arguably, one of the best thrashers out there, this could be huge. I still listen to Darkness Descends or Time Does Not Heal and am blown away by their atmosphere and attitude. That was my introduction to my all time favorite drummer, Gene Hoglan. While I prefer his work with Death and Strapping Young Lad, there is an undeniable aggression to his performance with D.A. that gives a brutal edge to this thrash. I never had the chance to see them perform and can only hope their current status would allow them to harness the fury that was encapsulated in their heyday.

carcass-surgicalsteelCynic, Atheist, and Carcass have all released amazing new albums in the recent years. That’s something I would have dreamed of in those long years when they were dormant. The new Lock Up album is pretty sick too. These bands still have it. I don’t need to tell you how good the new Carcass record [Surgical Steel] is. They proved to still have creativity and energy beyond comprehension. Even the new Gorguts album [Colored Sands] is pretty decent. Seeing all these old school bastards still ripping it up is inspiring. Yea, it’s not ever going to be the same, the magic is gone and the classics are untouchable, but being able to go out and see the icons of death metal back on stage is a privilege. It also puts into perspective the intensity of the music. These guys aren’t rich from music, they still love what they do.

Black and Blood, the second album from Soul Remnants is due October 31st via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. More information on the band can be found on their Facebook page

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