NewsSONS OF CROM Stream Debut Album In Full

SONS OF CROM Stream Debut Album In Full

Epic Scandinavian metallers SONS OF CROM are streaming their debut album, Riddle Of Steel, in its entirety via the Bandcamp link below.

Described as a mix of different influences among which are Bathory, Arcturus, and Enslaved, Riddle Of Steel is the tragic, grand tale of a lone warrior’s fate in this world and beyond. The dramatic atmosphere of this archaic saga is portrayed by genre-defying songs that take the listener on a journey through grandiose sceneries, barren wastelands and vast halls of the slain, filled with epic heavy metal, thrashing brutality, classical moods, folky acoustic interludes, soaring melodies, and much more.

Riddle Of Steel track listing:

2. Master Of Shadows
3. Golden Gates
4. Call Of The Black Mountain
5. Cimmerian Dance
6. Victory
7. Seven Spells (The Riddle Of Steel)

This bombastic first realization is available now through Debemur Morti Productions. A 12″ vinyl LP edition will be available on October 17th.

SONS OF CROM hail from Haparanda, Sweden and Jyväskylä, Finland. They play epic heavy metal, or bombastic and grandiose pagan/folk metal, if you will. Inspired by heroic cinema, Norse mythology and the legacy of Quorthon, cousins Janne Posti (Chaossworn, ex-Cryptic Death) and Iiro Sarkki (Hexrvon) joined forces in January 2014 to form Sons Of Crom. They immediately composed and recorded the majestic 12-minute behemoth “Victory”, and released the song as a single. The CD pressing sold out in a matter of days.

In April 2014, SONS OF CROM finished the recording, mixing and mastering process of their debut full-length album, Riddle Of Steel. The material is very varied with both anthemic hymns, thrashing brutality, soaring atmospheres and danceable folk tunes present, all with the valiant and magniloquent aura intact.

In May 2014, SONS OF CROM engaged in a co-operation with eminent French label Debemur Morti Productions for the release of Riddle Of Steel.

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