SERPENT CROWN To Release New Album Featuring DEATH ANGEL Drummer

Friday, 3rd May 2013

Hailing from San Francisco, SERPENT CROWN play aggressive, riff-driven metal. Skilled vocalist/guitarist Dara Santhai leads the charge on this self-titled debut album, which features drummer Will Carroll of thrash metal veterans DEATH ANGEL blasting behind the kit. “Serpent Crown‘s undertones of ’80s thrash metal and hardcore are prevalent and compliment the rocking yet haunting aural landscape.

“Serpent Crown” is an unearthly journey to the dark side with songs of the apocalypse, ruminations of death and destruction. The CD’s artwork and song, ‘Prelude To The Netherworld’ are available below.


Serpent Crown track listing:

1. No Beacon Of Light
2. Prelude To The Netherworld
3. To Leave This Land
4. The Trickster
5. Doomsayer
6. Children Of The Night


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