Season Of Mist To Reissue Two SAINT VITUS Albums

Thursday, 20th June 2013

Season of Mist have announced the re-release of SAINT VITUS albums’ C.O.D. (1992) and Die Healing (1995) which are slated to drop on August 16 (August 20 in North America). Remastered and enhanced with two previously unreleased bonus tracks, C.O.D. features Christian Linderson on vocals, while Die Healing sees original SAINT VITUS singer Scott Reagers return to the mic.

Both albums can be pre-ordered here  and are available on CD as well as LP versions sold in various colours.

C.O.D. track listing
1. Intro
2. Children Of Doom
3. Planet Of Judgement
4. Shadow Of A Skeleton
5. (I Am) The Screaming Banshee
6. Plague Of Man
7. Fear
8. Get Away
9. Bela
10. A Timeless Tale
11. Hallow’s Victim (Exhumed)
12. To Breed A Soldier (Bonus Track)
13. The Chameleon (Bonus Track)

Die Healing track listing
1. Dark World
2. One Mind
3. Let The End Begin
4. Trail Of Pestilence
5. Sloth
6. Return Of The Zombie
7. In The Asylum
8. Just Another Notch

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