NewsSAVAGE MESSIAH Streams New Song “Minority Of One”

SAVAGE MESSIAH Streams New Song “Minority Of One”

London melodic thrashers SAVAGE MESSIAH are streaming “Minority of One,” a song from their forthcoming new album, The Fateful Dark. “Minority Of One,” is available now as an instant grat download, along with a previously-released track, “Cross Of Babylon.” A further track, “Hellblazer,” will be available as an instant grat download on iTunes on February 10th.

Frontman Dave Silver comments: “The title for this song comes from a famous saying by Ghandi, who said that even if you’re in a minority of one, the truth is the truth. Which is a good message to people about breaking the mould and not getting sucked into ‘group think’ mentality. Standing up for what’s objectively right and not compromising for the sake of social acceptance. Musically, this is my favourite Savage Messiah track ever; we’ve managed to marry the thrash and heavy metal elements into a cohesive track, which is catchy and melodic, but still fast and thrashy. Enjoy!”

The Fateful Dark tracklisting

1. Iconocaust
2. Minority Of One
3. Cross Of Babylon
4. Hellblazer
5. Live As One Already Dead
6. The Fateful Dark
7. Zero Hour
8. Hammered Down
9. Scavengers Of Mercy
10. The Cursed Earth
11. Be Quick Or Be Dead *
12. Lightning To The Nations*
13. Killers*

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