RIVERS OF NIHIL Post Samples From “Conscious Seed Of Light” Album

Wednesday, 2nd October 2013

American death metallers RIVERS OF NIHIL have posted song samples for their forthcoming new album The Conscious Seed of Light via the YouTube clip below. The album will be released on October 15th in North America and was recorded in March of 2013 at Mana Recording Studios in Florida with famed metal producer/musician Erik Rutan.

While The Conscious Seed Of Light is not necessarily a concept album traditionally speaking, Rivers Of Nihil began this project with the idea that they would release four separate albums tied together with one common theme: each reflecting a particular season of a year.

Bassist Adam Biggs elaborates: “The Conscious Seed Of Light is intended to be representative of Spring and explores various themes concerning new beginnings, growth, and an attachment to the natural world in a post-human Earth. Unlike some concept records however, we wanted to allow each song to work on its own terms. Rather than have the songs rely on each other to move a specific story structure forward; they work within their own separate narratives, but ultimately serve the album’s broader concept.”

The Conscious Seed of Light track listing:

1. Terrestria I: Thaw
2. Rain Eater
3. Birth of the Omnisavior
4. Soil & Seed
5. Central Antheneum
6. Mechanical Trees
7. Place of Serpents
8. Human Adaptation
9. A Fertile Altar
10. Airless

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