PSY:CODE To Release New Album in June

Friday, 12th April 2013

Danish metallers PSY:CODE will release “Cause and Effect,” their second album, on June 10th via Mighty Music. According to a press release, “Cause And Neglect” has been three years underway since their debut album, Delusion, in 2010. Since the debut album, Psy:code has been sharpening their tools to deliver 12 new tracks. The album was pre-recorded in Psy:code’s headquarters – an old wartime bunker a little outside of Copenhagen. Drum tracking was done in Hansen studios and as on Delusion, the process of mixing and mastering was put in the trusted hands of Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, RAUNCHY, MERCENARY, etc.).

Musically, “Cause And Neglect” blends technical riffing, atmospheric passages, progressive structures and hardcore metal. Lyrically the album gives the listener an inside look at the deranged thoughts of five individuals.

Cause And Neglect tracklisting:

1. No:100
2. My Sick Redemption
3. Creator/Destroyer
4. Open for the Taking
5. First in Line
6. Trapped in Time: Stretched
7. The Sky is the Limit
8. Hellish Tensions
9. Speak Up
10. Above
11. Senseless Patterns
12. Source of Light

For more information on PSY:CODE, head over to their Facebook page.


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