PROSTHETIC RECORDS Unleashes Free Summer Sampler, Now Available For Download

Wednesday, 12th June 2013

Prosthetic Records is giving away 13 of the most powerful tracks from recent and upcoming releases. The sampler is available exclusively for download on the label’s Facebook page which may be obtained, here.

The label has issued the following statement: “You’ll not only get music from some of our biggest releases this year including SCALE THE SUMMIT, HOLY GRAIL and SHINING, but also score music from yet-to-be-released titles from Swedish masters DARKANE, the Danish melo-death black brigade MERCENARY and Boston grind/punk thrashers RAMMING SPEED.”


Prosthetic Records sampler track listing:

1. SHINING – ‘I Won’t Forget’ (One One One)
2. SCALE THE SUMMIT – ‘Odyssey’ (The Migration)
3. RAMMING SPEED – ‘Grinding Dissent’ (Doomed To Destroy, Destined To Die)
4. DARKANE – ‘The Sinister Supremacy’ (The Sinister Supremacy)
5. MERCENARY – ‘Through Our Darkest Days’ (Through Our Darkest Days)
6. DEW-SCENTED – ‘Confronting Entropy’ (Insurgent)
7. NEGATOR – ‘Atonement In Blood’ (Gates To The Pantheon)
8. HOLY GRAIL – ‘Ride The Void’ (Ride The Void)
9. NERO DI MARTE – ‘Convergence’ (Nero Di Marte)
10. ZODIAC – ‘Horrorvision’ (A Bit of Devil)
11. EYECONOCLAST – ‘Rise Of The Orgamechanisms’ (Drones Of The Awakening)
12. ANCIENT VVISDOM – ‘Here Is The Grave’ (Deathlike)
13. CASTLE – ‘Blacklands’ (Blacklands)


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