PALMS Releases Video For “Future Warrior”

Sunday, 29th September 2013

PALMS, a musical collaboration between DEFTONES vocalist Chino Moreno and former members of ISIS (Aaron Harris, Jeff Caxide and Clifford Meyer) have posted the video for “Future Warrior,” a song from their self-titled debut album.

The five-minute clip, directed by Jon Mancinetti, perfectly encapsulates the visual elements that have accompanied the PALMS debut album’s release: a breezy Southern California landscape with rugged mountains and swaying palm trees.

PALMS came together following the demise of ISIS, with Jeff Caxide (bass), Aaron Harris, (drums) and Clifford Meyer (keyboards/guitar) electing to continue playing music together. “After a little time Jeff, Cliff, and I decided that it was insane that we all still lived here in Los Angeles and weren’t playing together,” Harris says. “It just sort of happened naturally, probably because we have been playing together for so long, and things started to come together. But we didn’t want to be instrumental: We wanted vocals. We just weren’t exactly sure who that would be at first.” The band, knowing that Moreno had been a fan of ISIS, thought he would be a great fit and he agreed. “A chance to work with the guys from ISIS sounded like a lot of fun,” Moreno says, “I’ve always been into the atmospheric sounds they had created with that project and felt my sense of melody would meld well with theirs.”

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