Own A Piece OF MEGADETH Drummer Nick Menza’s Gruesome Power Saw Accident

Thursday, 3rd October 2013

A gruesome power saw accident in 2007 nearly severed former MEGADETH drummer Nick Menza’s arm and doctors weren’t sure he’d ever play again.

After a long recuperation which included some reconstructive metal plates and bolts that would make Dr. Frankenstein envious, Menza is back! And he’s back with a memoir of outrageous experiences, including his “heinous mishap,” as he calls it, in the upcoming book Megalife: Countdown To Resurrection, by J. Marshall Craig.

To celebrate in the best truly heavy tradition, Menza is offering for one lucky superfan a once (we all hope!) in a lifetime rock ‘n’ roll artifact: The blood-stained, rusty saw blade that nearly chewed through his arm, and the original x-ray of the injuries framed behind museum-quality glass, metal frame, led lighting system and personally autographed to the winning bidder!

The auction scheduled to launch on October 25th at 3pm pst via Menzajamz.com.

Menza: “It’s Halloween, dude! I have my book coming out I’m headlining a new South American tour let’s have some fun! This stuff has been on one of the walls in my studio since the accident. I’m starting a new chapter of my life and career, literally, and it’s time to move on from some of that stuff in my past but the saw blade and x-ray are pretty rad!”

Only one fan will get the blade and x-ray but everyone who buys Megalife will get to read about the harrowing experience, the remarkable recovery including the first session Nick recorded after using only one arm! and dozens of other great stories sure to test their heavy meddle!

Menza has recently teamed up with Logan Gray, AKA THRASH WOLF the up and coming inspiring Australian graphic artist who has create a 18 x 35 poster of the saw blade artifact which you could now pre-order for limited time only via Bigcartel.com.


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