NewsONSLAUGHT Releases “66 F**king 6” Video

ONSLAUGHT Releases “66 F**king 6” Video

British thrashers ONSLAUGHT have released the video for “666 Fucking 6,” a song from their most recent album, VI, which was released in 2013 via AFM Records.

ONSLAUGHT vocalist Sy Keeler will sit out the band’s upcoming “Thrash Invasion Tour 2014” of the U.S., Canada and South America due to health issues with his son. He will be replaced for the duration of the trek by former ANTHRAX singer Neil Turbin.

Says Keeler: “I know you are going to be disappointed with my decision as am I, but I sincerely hope you can understand our situation.

“My reason for this is the ongoing health issues with my son, who has been suffering with a debilitating illness for some time. He is still on a downward path with no sign of any recovery on the horizon. Therefore, to be away for two months will put a lot of pressure on the family and increased anxiety on my son. We also have regular visits to specialists coming up during the next six months. Therefore, at this time, I am having to think of my family first and sadly I am unable to be away in the Americas for the duration intended.”

Adds ONSLAUGHT guitarist Nige Rockett: “We’re extremely gutted that Sy cannot make this tour and, of course, we wish Sy’s family all the best in this difficult time. We are positive things will improve in the very near future and look forward to having Sy with us back real soon.

“It was a really tough decision for us to make also, but Sy was very supportive that we take out a replacement vocalist to make this tour happen. So much work had already been carried out by our management / booking agents / promoters behind the scenes, it would have been unfair to let our team down, the other bands down and, most importantly, not to let our fans down.

“On a positive note, it’s gonna be awesome to have Neil Turbin on board for the tou. For me, he’s always been one of the best thrash metal vocalists out there, no question. His work on the ANTHRAX album ‘Fistful Of Metal’ was simply amazing, and I believe he’s one of the only guys in the genre who could step into Sy’s shoes. I think it brings a unique edge to this tour and I’m sure the fans will really dig what they hear.”

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