Tuesday, 16th April 2013

French modern metal act ONE-WAY MIRROR have  released the video to the song “One-Way Mirror.”  The song comes from the band’s 2012 album, Destructive by Nature. The band has the likes of Guillaume Bideau (MNEMIC) and David and Franck Potvin(LYZANXIA, PHAZE I) in its ranks. (Too bad we can’t get a new LYZANXIA album instead.)

According to a press release, “Even though they composed these latest bombtracks in the similar vein of their first album,ONE-WAY MIRROR was able to nurture the fresh and perfectly controlled combination of violence and pure melodies with catchy components.

“This album is not unlike shrapnel as it will embed itself in your system upon explosion. Some songs will make the fans bang their heads while others will simply decimate them altogether.

“The band’s goal will remain playing the very music they want to listen to. No constraints, no limits or barriers and no rules apply. The musicians of ONE-WAY MIRROR agree that the motivation to compose and to record a metal album is pure pleasure before any other consideration.

“David Potvin and Guillaume Bideau [produced] the album and . . . the sound is extremely powerful, natural and modern.”

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