Nuclear’s Matias Leonicio: What I’m Listening To

Saturday, 24th October 2015

It is always interesting to write about the latest that you’re listening to as you are not always spinning the most recent releases, so this is what´s coming out through my speakers these days.

Every one of us has their favorite albums, preferred songs or whatever. But we cannot close our eyes to new music and that is why I would like to start this by talking about the new Malevolent Creation album Dead Man’s Path. What can we expect from Malevolent Creation? Yes, you’re right: an unstoppable amount of Death Metal at its finest. I think I’m not wrong by saying this is one of the best releases of the band since The Will To Kill.

Malevolent creation dead manFrom the slow and agonic “Dead Man’s Path,”  a perfect song for a procession to the depths of hell, to the first blast-beat assault with “Soul Razer,” this album looks like it won´t disappoint you. And it certainly will not. These days, overproduction is a kind of a “rule” in death metal but there is still hope out there. If a band like Bloodbath (among many others) preserves the tradition of Scandinavian death metal in Europe, we can say Malevolent Creation does the same in the other side of the world.

This is pure intensity and rawness. The slaughter continues with “Imperium (Kill Force Rising)” a great song with a very good work in guitar solos and “Corporate Weaponry” maybe a new focus in Malevolent lyrics talking about relationship between war and corporate interests. The speed riffing in “Blood Of The Fallen” and the good drum work in “Resistance Is Victory” just confirm we’re in front of one of the best albums in this quarter of the year, and maybe the entire year talking exclusively about death metal.

You will not have a rest with Dead Man’s Path, period. “12th Prophecy” confirms this. The next one: “Extinction Personified” puts a pause at the beginning but the carnage starts again in the middle of the track. “Fragmental Sanity” and “Face Your Fear” finishes the album in the best possible way. Dead Man’s Path has ten songs, and -again- I think I´m not wrong by saying there are at least three or four very good singles. Every song here is a statement of pure classic death metal.

Another stunning album that I’m desperately awaiting is Pylon by British legends Killing Joke. It was released on October 23rd and prior to its release, the band revealed two absolutely impressive singles as preview of the album.

killingjoke-pylonKilling Joke is a kind of late discovery for me after our drummer Punto Sudy showed me Democracy album some years ago. Since that, I can’t stop listening to Jaz Coleman, Geordie Walker, Youth (and Paul Raven of course) and Big Paul Ferguson. I became a die-hard fan. The first single revealed is “I Am The Virus.” Post punk, experimental, industrial, new wave? Doesn’t matter at all.

After two great albums Absolute Dissent and MMXII, Killing Joke is back with a huge sound and a great vocal performance. This first song sounds dark, hopeless, heavy. Everything a fan can expect but it’s different: immediately reminds me some “dark” age of the band remembering albums like Pandemonium or Hosannas From The Basements Of Hell. Strong lyrics, strong sound. “Euphoria” is the other one. Maybe you can relate this song to efforts like Absolute Dissent or Democracy, but this is pure Killing Joke classic. Do you remember albums like Brighter Than A Thousand Suns and Night Time? Well, the same vibe, the same feeling. The greatness of new wave sound but mixed with some elements from the nineties, specially the keyboards and guitars. A great second single.

Can’t wait to listen to the whole album. But after those two previews I have no doubt that Pylon will be one of the best albums in the recent Killing Joke’s history.

Nuclear’s new album, Formula for Anarchy, was released in August via Candlelight Records. The band’s Facebook page can be found at this location

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