NIGHTWISH Releases Sixth Making-Of New Album Clip

Tuesday, 28th October 2014

Finnish symphonic metal heroes NIGHTWISH have posted the sixth in a series of videos documenting the creation of their forthcoming new album, which is due in early 2015.

NIGHTWISH’s Dutch singer Floor Jansen, who officially joined the band last year, recently moved to Finland in order to learn the language and facilitate communication and effective interpersonal relationships among the bandmembers.

“For a couple of weeks I’ve been living in here in Joensuu, and I’ve been full time in Finland, enjoying the Finnish summer, which has been extraordinarily warm and light, of course,” Jansen said in the video. “It’s normal for Finnish people that the light is always there also in the night, but for me it was new. And, yeah, so far I’ve been loving it.”

Asked about the Finns’ reputation for being “quiet and shy,” Jansen said: “I think people are a little more inward, not very easily to let you in. But once they do, you get close to a person for real. That I’ve noticed. And here in Joensuu and the area, people are very helpful. Coming here as a foreigner and not knowing my way yet, I can ask anyone and even if they don’t know, they’lll try to help you. [They are] super friendly.”

Regarding her command of the Finnish language, Jansen said: “My Finnish is… I’m sounding like a three-year-old, at my best. It’s super hard to really have a conversation, unfortunately. I know a lot of words, and so reading signs and stuff is becoming better, or going to a supermarket. But some specific words, of course, you don’t get in your first year. Plus the grammar structure of the language is so complicated that you really have to know a lot to really make a normal sentence without making mistakes.

“When you used to be able to express yourself as an adult in your own language, or as I can do in English, for instance, it’s sometimes hard to switch back to very simple talking, like I am forced to do in Finnish. So a real conversation, when I really wanna tell something, I can’t do it in Finnish. But basic things here and there, yes. And I’m starting to understand better. Also here now in Pohjois-Karjala, this county in the northeast of Finland, where the accent is different from [that] in Helsinki. Or the people might not know, there is a difference between spoken Finnish and official Finnish, so the things I learned, what’s in my book, no one uses that. So, okay, how does spoken Finnish sound like, and how does it sound in this area and what is the difference. And you can only really get a hint of that when you start to know the language a bit better. And it’s nice to notice that that is something that I now notice a bit better.”

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