New JUDAS PRIEST Album Artwork Revealed?

Sunday, 27th April 2014

British metal legends JUDAS PRIEST have posted on their official Facebook page a new photo which could be part of the new album artwork. All will be revealed within 24 hours at regarding their anxiously-anticipated new album that is expected later this year.

JUDAS PRIEST on April 23 launched a countdown suggesting that it will announce full details about its new CD tomorrow (Monday, April 28) via the band’s official website.

Speaking to Artisan News at last month’s VIP listening party for the Ronnie James Dio tribute album This Is Your Life and awards gala at the Avalon in Hollywood, California, JUDAS PRIEST singer Rob Halford stated about the band’s new CD: “The record is finished; it’s absolutely finished as of today.” He added: “It’s a relief. It’s a relief because whenever PRIEST makes an album, like any band, you put your heart and soul into it; it is that typical ‘blood, sweat and tears.’ It’s not an easy thing to do 40 years later. But PRIEST has always been up for the challenge of that, and it’s one of things that we love to do more than anything else as we move on through our metal years. So this is a great time for PRIEST: 40th anniversary, a brand new record. Life couldn’t be better.”

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