Nervochaos’ Eduardo Lane: What I’m Listening To

Saturday, 8th November 2014

I always been a huge fan of extreme music in general and recently we did a European tour with CENTURIAN that made me dust off my Of Purest Fire, Choronzonic Chaos Gods and Liber Zar Zax CDs. Of course I do enjoy a lot their newest full length, Contra Rationem but I’m blown away by their atmosphere and attitude from their early albums. Same goes out for a band that I just can’t stop listening to, it’s the almighty NOX with their full length Ixaxaar.

Being a Brazilian citizen I always loved the Brazilian Metal scene. I still listen to classic stuff from early SEPULTURA, SARCOFAGO, CHAKAL, VULCANO, HEADHUNTER DC and others acts as well, but lately I’ve been listening a lot to the new KRISIUN CD, The Great Execution, which shreds combining fast and heavy parts, killer production sound, amazing solos and one of my favorite tracks of all time, “Extincao em Massa”. Max is one of my all time favorite drummers.

The new RATOS DE PORAO album also blew me away and I’ve been listening to it a lot lately. It’s called Seculo Sinistro, still aggressive as fuck crossover sound/music, but with ultra heavy and perfect sounding, totally worth checking it out. The same goes out for the new VULCANO album Wholly Wicked, it’s sick!

Another sick album I’ve been listening to a lot lately is DISSECTION’s Reinkaos, which for me, is a masterpiece. Perfect combination of melodies, occult lyrics and less influenced by the traditional Black Metal scene.

Of course, I never stop or get tiered of listening to all my old records/album, from classic acts such as JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, PENTAGRAM, DISMEMBER, MERCYFUL FATE and many others.

Nervochaos’ most recent release, The Art of Vengeance, is available now through Cogumelo Records.

Nervochaos official website

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