NewsNECROPHOBIC New Track "Asmodee" Now Available For Streaming

NECROPHOBIC New Track “Asmodee” Now Available For Streaming

Cult Swedish black/death metallers NECROPHOBIC have unleashed a new song titled, “Asmodee” from their seventh full-length album, Womb Of Lilithu and is available for streaming below. The forthcoming record is slated for release on October 29 (four days earlier in Europe) via Season Of Mist. A digital single featuring the new song “Splendour Nigri Solis,” taken from the new CD, was released exclusively through Spotify on August 19 (September 3 in North America).

A Swedish appeals court last month reduced the prison sentence for vocalist Tobias Sidegård, who was accused of beating his wife multiple times between September 2011 and April 2013. Sidegård was originally sentenced to 18 months in prison for “gross violation of a woman’s integrity”, however on September 20, the appeals court found Sidegård guilty of simple assault and reduced his prison sentence to six months. He was also ordered to pay his wife 16,000 Swedish kronor in damages plus interest.

Sidegård previously denied all charges through his attorney, claiming that the injuries suffered by Tobias’ wife that were described in the indictment occurred in “other ways” than through physical abuse perpetrated by the musician.

Tobias sent an e-mail to the Metal Insider and MetalSucks web sites earlier in the month insisting that he was “set free after second appeal in higher court.” “I’ve been fucking innocently accused and never hit a woman in my life,” he wrote.

The other members of NECROPHOBIC released a statement a month ago in which they declined to comment on the allegations against their singer — pointing out that the legal process was still “ongoing” — but stressed that they did “not condone domestic violence.”

Womb Of Lilithu track listing:

1. Womb Of Lilithu
2. Splendour Nigri Solis
3. Astaroth
4. Furfur
5. Black Night Raven
6. The Necromancer
7. Marquis Phenex
8. Asmodee
9. Marchosias
10. Matanbuchus
11. Paimon
12. Opium Black
13. Infinite Infernalis
14. Amdusias


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