My Missing Half’s Bijan Hennessey: What I’m Listening To

Saturday, 27th December 2014

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Hello, Dead Rhetoric readers! These are three new(ish) albums that I am currently inseparable from. Give them a listen if you haven’t already.


I’ve always been a big fan of Revocation. Almost every metalhead in Massachusetts is. Ever since MMH had the honor of playing with these guys in September, I’ve been cranking their music constantly. I’ve actually listened to their latest album Deathless in its entirety almost every day for the past couple of weeks.

What I really like about this album is that they seem to have taken a slight step away from some of their traditional thrash metal influences and brought forth a more distinct Revocation sound. My favorite song on the album is the title track. The chorus is catchier than the plague.

Darkest Hour-Self-titled
I’ve been listening to Darkest Hour for a long time. In my opinion, they’re the perfect bridge from metalcore to melodic death metal. Some of the more “trve” metal crowd disdains these dudes (especially their most recent releases) but I’ll never be able to understand how any metalhead can listen to the opening of “Love is a Weapon” from their previous album and not be swooned by the guitar harmonies.

They released their self-titled album this past summer and I’ve probably listened to it 100 times since then. It’s actually alarming how catchy this album is. Though I do like the overall sound of their previous album, The Human Romance more (mostly due to it having less clean vocals and more of John Henry’s somewhat melodic screaming technique), I think the songwriting on this album is their best to date. Every arrangement in perfect!

Epicenter-Grab the Reins
I’ve been trying to get into Megadeth since I was 16. I love their riffs, but I’ve never able to get into Dave Mustaine’s vocals. If there’s anyone who feels the same, I highly recommend checking out Epicenter. They sound like Megadeth with Master of Puppets era James Hetfield on vocals. There’s also a pinch of Pantera and Gojira mixed in there too

After I filled in on bass for them this summer (before they got their current bass player who is a BEAST) I’ve been jamming to their debut album, Grab the Reins. Each song has a super catchy chorus and a gnarly guitar solo. Check them out! Do it!

The Lives I’ve Ruined, the debut album from My Missing Half, is available through iTunes or on CD.

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