MUTILATED VETERANS To Release Debut Via Hells Headbangers

Thursday, 29th May 2014

Prepare to be crushed under the tank-treads of the most brutal death-crust record ever: MUTILATED VETERANS’ Necro Crust Warhead 12” MLP, set for international release on August 5th via HELLS HEADBANGERS. Exactly what its title says, Necro Crust Warhead is a hulking, heaving mass of utter D-beat destruction, galloping like the four horsemen of the apocalypse on the bones of the battlefield’s dead. But far from being mere Discharge plagiarists, MUTILATED VETERANS up-ratchet the D-beat idiom with a molten metallic might that handily trounces even the most “brutal” death metal band – not surprising here, as erstwhile Machetazo founder Dopi is one of the MUTILATED VETERANS.

The mission of Necro Crust Warhead is absurdly simple: get in, get out, and CRUSH-KILL-DESTROY. This is the future of No Future… Recommended for diehards of later ANTI-CIMEX, DISGUST (UK), WOLFPACK, CRUDE SS, and WARCOLLAPSE.

Necro Crust Warhead track listing:

1. March of the Mutilated (intro)
2. War Funeral
3. Blood Militia
4. A Tank Full of Corpses
5. Triumph of Torture
6. Carnage Warfare

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