MUTANK Wins Wacken Metal Battle Canada

Monday, 9th June 2014

Wacken Metal Battle Canada’s national finals took place on Saturday, June 7th at the Opera House in Toronto, as Montreal’s MUTANK were crowned the winners at the end of the night.

The band has checked in with the following message:

“Hell yeah Canada! Hell yes Québec!

Wacken? We got this.

A simple thank you is not enough for our crew, cuz we’re here because of you but here’s one serious goddamn shout out.

Nick Guerin, Michelle Ayoub, Dungeon Works Productions, Jon Asher and AsherMedia Relations, Shannon, Noémie, Zed, Mike Molloy, Simone, Dan, Mikey, Mihaela Petrescu, Oli, Mylie, Alain, King A K 103.7 Sunday Nightmare, Armen, Dano, Tim and Ashes of Eden, Fkr and Crosstitution, Eric Marsan, Julien and Point Blank Rage, Trainwreck Architect, Co-op Katacombs, Piranha bar, Miguel Mendes, Chemical Way, Venomenon, Powered By Death, Warsenal, Cite 2000, La Bête Noire Emporium, Liz and bucketlist, Mark Strong, Johhny Rawkhard, Mike Decker, Oli St. Pierre, Murray Brady, Ondes Chocs, Québec Métal, Lex touring, Lex guitars, everybody behind the scenes at Wacken Metal Battle Canada, our ever patient direct and extended families, and every one of you die hard MUtards who have supported us in anyway since just 10 months of the band’s birth.

It’s been insane, and you ain’t seen nothin’ yet…”

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