NewsMURMUR: New Song "Zeta II Reticuli" Currently Streaming

MURMUR: New Song “Zeta II Reticuli” Currently Streaming

Chicago progressive black metallers MURMUR are currently streaming the song “Zeta II Reticuli” via the Soundcloud widget below The band’s self-titled new record will be released on Season of Mist’s Underground Activist Division in North America on Jan. 21, (Jan. 17 worldwide). The track listing and album art (painted by founder/guitarist Matthias Vogels) can be found below:

Murmur track listing:

1. Water from Water
2. Bull of Crete
3. Al-Malik
4. Recuerdos
5. Zeta II Reticuli
6. Zeta II Reticuli, pt 2
7. King in Yellow
8. When Blood Leaves

Originally formed in 2007 in Chicago, IL, MURMUR created ripples in the underground black metal scene with the release of their morose debut album in 2010, Mainlining the Lugubrious. Relying on their melancholic and cold approach to nihilistic black metal, MURMUR embarked on an even stranger, but no less frightening musical journey on a split EP with NACHTMYSTIUM.


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