MUMAKIL Post “Death From Below” Video

Saturday, 15th June 2013

Swiss grindsters MUMAKIL have posted the video for “Death From Below,” a track from their third album Flies Will Starve, which will be released via Relapse on CD, LP and digitally on June 25 in North America, preceded by its release June 21 in Germany/Benelux/Finland and June 24 in the U.K. and abroad.

The clip matches the immaculately captured yet crushing audio direct from the album to brutal live footage of the band performing the album’s whirlwind opening track, filmed by Schlep at L’Usine, located in the band’s hometown of Geneva, Switzerland, with a legion of the town’s finest grindfreaks going berserk in the pit.

Since 2004, the destructive MUMAKIL has infiltrated the grind circuit with a blasting whirlwind approach, through an arsenal of demos and D.I.Y. releases, splits with the likes of BLOCKHEADS, THIRD DEGREE and MISERY INDEX, and two previous LPs, the latter of which, Behold The Failure, was also released via Relapse in 2009 following their split seven-inch single with INHUME on the label’s cult Slimewave seven-inch series in 2007. Touring across Europe, Cuba and beyond has also helped fuel the fires in the engines of this death machine, also taking them to festivals including several installments of Obscene Extreme and more.

Recorded by the bandmembers themselves at Terrier 5 Studio in Geneva, MUMAKIL’s first album in four years, “Flies Will Starve” will devastate listeners with twenty-four tracks of precision grindcore teetering on the edge of insanity in the vein of BIRDFLESH, MISERY INDEX, ANTIGAMA and KILL THE CLIENT. The oppressive percussion only lets up to build-up to the next blinding blast, the strings jackhammering forth the band’s most death-influenced riffing yet and of course the razorchoked vocal bloodbath is nothing short of nauseatingly awesome.

Flies Will Starve track listing:

1. Death From Below
2. Dawn Of Slugs
3. War Therapist
4. Fucktards Parade
5. Built Of Lies
6. Shit Reminders
7. Designed To Fail
8. Get Exorcised
9. Fresh Meat For The Grinder
10. Repudiate
11. Army Of Freaks
12. Hailing Regression
13. Cockroaches
14. Wrong Turn
15. Let The World Burn
16. Piss Off (Part 2)
17. Waste By Definition
18. Unfair For Whom?
19. Bring Them To Ruin
20. Begging For The Obvious
21. Redline
22. Blind Disciples
23. Betrayer
24. Behind The Mask


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