MORTALS: “View From A Tower” Video Released

Wednesday, 23rd July 2014

New York’s own MORTALS, have premiered a new music video for the track “View From A Tower”. The song comes off of their latest release, Cursed To See The Future.

The band explained explained the idea behind the horror-themed video, which turned out to be something of a family affair: “With the video from “View From a Tower”, we had a lot of fun reimagining scenes from well known horror flicks, such as Psycho, Scream, and Silence of the Lambs. Ultimately, the video was an excuse to combine fake blood and fast driving into a day of hanging out with our very talented and generous friends, some of whom literally bared their asses and agreed to be “murdered” on film. The sound guy and the bartender are our two dear friends Nicole and Doug, who actually are a sound guy and a bartender at the Acheron. The makeout couple are our friends Blake Charlton from Ramming Speed and performance artist Paige A. Flash. The guy we kidnap at the end is Michael Dimmitt from Mutilation Rites. The naked dude is our bud Maxwell, a metalhead who also models. Patrice, who is in the popcorn scene, is an actress and good friend of Jason’s. And Bill who owns the Acheron, our home away from home, graciously allowed us to shoot in his club.”

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