METALLICA Says They’ll Play A New Song While On Tour In South America In 2014

Friday, 13th December 2013

METALLICA have issued the following update:

“As you may have heard us talk about already, we’re gearing up to record another album after spending the better part of the last couple of years making our film Through The Never. And as you also may have heard us say a few times, when we’re locked away in the studio we like to break out from time to time to gain some inspiration from you and all the love we feel when we go on the road. What better place to go for crazy, wild and insane fans than South America? So we’re heading south in March of 2014 for the first time in over four years, including stops in two countries we have never played in, and YOU pick the set list!

We’ll be out for two weeks, and just like our friends in Europe are doing right now, we want you to vote on what songs you would like to hear at the show(s) that you attend. It will be pretty simple. pick up your ticket(s) and you’ll receive a code and a link to a site on which you may cast your ballot. We normally play around 18 songs a night, and since we didn’t want to be left out of the fun, the band also gets to vote…. and we vote for A NEW SONG! That leaves the other 17 slots for you to choose, so vote for all your favorites from the close to 140 songs we’ve recorded in our career and to make it more fun along the way, you’ll be able to follow what you and your fellow fans are selecting by watching for continuous results.

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