METAL CHURCH To Start Mixing New Album

Sunday, 16th June 2013

Long-running Seattle metallers METAL CHURCH have posted the following update regarding work on their forthcoming studio album:

“Ok, the new album has been recorded and now the mixing process begins!! This could be the best MC record of the METAL CHURCH MK3 era!! Woohooo!!”

METAL CHURCH are working on their 10th studio album and fourth with singer Ronny Munroe. The band had formally announced in 2009 that they were calling it quits but reunited last fall for the aforementioned cruise 70000 Tons Of Metal. METAL CHURCH’s last album was 2008’s This Present Wasteland.

METAL CHURCH had formally announced in 2009 that they were calling it quits, but reunited for the 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise where the band performed their legendary debut in its entirety.

“We’re just not going to do things the way that we did before,” singer Munroe revealed recently. “We’re not 25 anymore, not saying that we’re old, but we need to do things the right way. And we all still get along.”

“Everybody understands that this is a complicated business,” drummer Jeff Plate added. “A lot of things had to fall into place. We gotta get a good record put together and done first, to be honest that’s the first thing. There’s a distance between some of the band members, but that’s really not so much of an issue. It’s really getting the music to the ears of the fans, in their hands and then getting with someone who can put us in the right environment, at the right show, working with the right band.”

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