MERCYFUL FATE Guitar Tandem Launch New Project

Friday, 5th September 2014

According to Blabbermouth, MERCYFUL FATE guitarists Hank Shermann and Michael Denner have launched a new project, aptly titled DENNER/SHERMANN.
“Besides working with our own respective bands, SHERMANN TANK and DENNERS TRICKBAG, we now have the opportunity to extend the collaboration we started with MERCYFUL FATE in the early ’80s.”

Adds Michael: “Yeah, we’re super excited to play together again and get the twin guitars into action once more.”

The 30th-anniversary video for MERCYFUL FATE’s “Dont Break The Oath” album will be released soon.

Expect other exciting events to be announced later this year.

MERCYFUL FATE’s last studio album, 9, was released in 1999.

MERCYFUL FATE will be remembered for its unquestionable mark on the history of metal with its innovative sound, complex arrangements, memorable melody, and its influence on bands that later took the genre to new heights.

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