MANTICORA Guitarist Splits For “Personal” Reasons

Tuesday, 30th July 2013

Danish metallers MANTICORA have parted ways with their lead guitarist Martin Arendal, stating that he left for “personal” reasons.

Comments guitarist Kristian Larsen: “We (the remaining four members of the band), of course, respect [Martin’s] decision, and even if we’ll miss our buddy and will have to find a new guy — NOT an easy task, we should say, given Martin’s talent and skills — we understand Martin’s situation and we’ll continue writing material as a four-piece so far.

“As it is, we’re not actively looking for a new lead guitarist immediately, as we’re mostly writing new material at the moment, but if you’re a fantastically skilled guitarist and you feel that you have what it takes to replace Martin, feel free to contact us, and we’ll check you out.”

MANTICORA have commenced work on their eighth full-length album following a personal tragedy which saw the band holed in a writing/touring hiatus in 2010. The band previously released seven CDs over an 11-year period, completed six European and one U.S. tours and played a number of festivals in Europe and North America. MANTICORA promises all of its fans that it will be back, re-energized and stronger than ever and ready to deliver another 15 years of dark and powerful metal.

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