MACHINE HEAD Announces Name Of New Bassist, Audition Videos Available

Monday, 24th June 2013

MACHINE HEAD have announced Jared MacEachern as their new bassist. The California-based metallers had been in the process of searching for a temporary bassist replacement for this summer’s Rockstar Energy Mayhem Drink Festival in the US earlier this year. MacEachern first picked up bass at 12, and discovered metal around the same time. Videos of his audition are available below.

MACHINE HEAD conducted an extensive search for candidates, sifting through over 400 videos and evaluated everyone’s performances, including MacEachern, who made the short list without a second thought. After reviewing all of the submissions, the band narrowed down the 400-plus candidates to a short list of seven, each of whom took a trip to Oakland to perform a handful of songs in person and spend the day hanging with the band.

Lead guitarist Phil Demmel comments: “There were dozens of amazing players, and it was interesting to watch each one take on our tunes. One of our biggest criteria for this gig was to be able to sing the high harmonies. That was our litmus test. And Jared passed with flying colors.”

Drummer Dave McClain recalls: “Jared came in to the audition and just killed it! Besides being able to nail the bass and vocal harmonies, he also had the vibe and personality to make it feel like we were a BAND again. It was a great feeling and we all knew he was the guy.”

Jared comments: “I heard the [METALLICA] song ‘Unforgiven’ and really liked it. The next day my friend gave me [METALLICA’s first album] ‘Kill ‘Em All‘ and it was over. I became completely enamored with all the metal bands of that time; METALLICA, MEGADETH, SLAYER and PANTERA, but when it came to bass, it was all about Cliff Burton, he was, and is my dude.”

With a brief stint at the Brevard School for Music Performance, Jared has consistently played bass for the past 22 years, most notably in SANCTITY, where oddly enough, the band needed a guitar player. “That was purely out of necessity. I’d been a bass player, but that gig opened up and I gave it a shot on the six-stringer.”

Jared enthuses: “I’m ready to get to work! This tour is going to kick ass and the new tunes are heavy as shit! I’m SO looking forward to making good music with good dudes!”

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