MACHINAE SUPREMACY Release “Beyond Good And Evil” Video

Tuesday, 12th August 2014

SID metal perpetrators MACHINAE SUPREMACY will release the new album, Phantom Shadow, digitally on August 26th via Spinefarm Records.

While the band is readying the official video for “Renegades”, they have shared this seven-minute clip featuring “Beyond Good And Evil”. The clip is a montage of footage as seen through the eyes of Cosplayer Kyla Jones aka Ely Renae at MAGFest USA, along with a fan who filmed the band while rehearsing in Manhattan this past January.

Phantom Shadow combines the band’s signature video game-inspired bits, melodies, blips, beeps, bells and whistles, along with the decidedly masterful guitar riffery for which they are also known. The band’s self-described “SID metal” refers to the fact that they’ve utilized a SIDStation and the SID chip of the “classic” Commodore 64 computer.

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