KRAMPUS Post Second Studio Diary

Thursday, 29th August 2013

Italian folk metallers KRAMPUS have posted the second studio diary for the recording of their Tommy Vetterli (CORONER/69 CHAMBERS)-produced album . The video can be viewed below.

Frontman Filippo Gianotti recently checked in with the following update: “After we couldn’t find a deal that was right for us and allowed us to realize our vision, we decided to take matters into our own hands and book a week with Tommy Vetterli to record what we think is the best material we have so far – not just from this writing period, but our whole career. We’ve finally found our sound and we’re ready and eager to show it to the the world! We are also aware of the changes in the music industry, and are determined to make the best of it all. We feel strongly that part of this is openness and sharing with our fans. We want them to get a deep insight into our creative process and to hear the music we’ve been writing for them. So that’s why we will not sell the songs we’ve recorded in July – instead we will release them for free to everyone as a digital download on September 4th, 2013!”

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