KEEP OF KALESSIN: “Epistemology” Due In February

Friday, 19th December 2014

One of Norway’s leading extreme metal bands, KEEP OF KALESSIN have announced the release of their next epic masterpiece; Epistemology. The release date is set to February 16th. According to a press release, “Prepare to be blown away with jaw dropping guitar riffs and drums of doom!”

The band’s previous album, Reptillian, was released in 2010 via Nuclear Blast.

Epistemology track listing:

1. Cosmic Revelation (Intro)
2. The Spiritual Relief
3. Dark Divinity
4. The Grand Design
5. Necropolis
6. Universal Core
7. Introspection
8. Epistemology
9. Anima Mundi (guest vocals Attila Csihar of Mayhem)
10. Novae Ruptis


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