KATAKLYSM’S Maurizio Iacono: “The Nickname ‘Rambo’ I’ve Been Given From My Partners And Friends Is Suiting Me Well”

Thursday, 25th July 2013

Vocalist Maurizo Iacono of Canadian hyperblast death metal legends KATAKLYSM has posted the following update, in which he lays out plans for the next five weeks.

“Flying to Canada next week for rehearsals and photo shoot, approve all mixes for new KATAKLYSM album, prepare liner notes for new album and reissues, prepare world tour campaign with KATAKLYSM management and agents, hang out with my kid as much as possible, find time to put updates on FB.

Following week… August: UK Bloodstock Open Air for EX DEO and KATAKLYSM, shooting a new videoclip in Serbia for KATAKLYSM for the new album, getting married to my gorgeous girlfriend (pictured below) in Florida, go on honeymoon, then fly from there to Austria to start the EX DEO tour with NILE on September 2nd.

Make sure all my artists are in check with their respective campaigns, strategies and touring for Hard Impact, make sure all tours are handled on RTN USA with 2014 already in the mark. The nickname “Rambo” I’ve been given from my partners and friends is suiting me well.”

KATAKLYSM’S Waiting For The End To Come will be released worldwide this October.


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