KATAKLYSM Frontman Reflects On 2013: “It Was A Bizarre Year”

Tuesday, 31st December 2013

KATAKLYSM vocalist Maurizio Iacono has checked in with a 2013 year end message:

“2013 is coming to an end, it was a bizarre year , filled with different emotions for me.. from big losses in my family, to tragedies and pain of great friends, but also a year where joy and happiness was present when I married my girlfriend Suzzy who has made me a better person and given me a more positive outlook on life and made me feel alive again, to seeing my son grow and slowly becoming a little man and making daddy proud with every year passing …

It was also a tough year for KATAKLYSM, going through changes that affected us emotionally greatly and also career wise , new adaptations , new outlook on everything , a music industry that even if some labels deny it and some bands pretend to be doing great , is in total collapse ..an infrastructure that has no direction and a product that is obsolete but in the midst of all this grows a light that keeps us fighting to stay alive , to find a way to make it different and better for all of us , I chose to work on many different sides of the industry and try to bring a different vision that hopefully can contribute into something positive with all the others that are trying to make this a better and more stable place with a future to envision instead of daily struggle without hope.

I for one look at 2014 as place where many battles will be fought and victory will be the only word I will know , I will push my ideas and convictions further , with my agency I will push harder to develop young bands that struggle immensely to stay alive and to make those veterans who paved the way keep their value and integrity, with my management I make it a personal goal to make the bands and brothers I have under my flag and trust to make their dreams come true and fight for them without surrender .. For KATAKLYSM I will continue to forge on, no matter how hard it is sometimes to still not be fully accepted by many , I will weather the storm and as the black sheep this band has always been in this industry it will stand alone until all is given, until the music will fade until the end has come ..

My friends, my family I wish you a strong 2014 filled with strength, love and conviction Happy New Years.”

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