KATAKLYSM: Artist Profile Interview Part 2 Online

Tuesday, 15th April 2014

The second part of a new interview with singer Mauricio Iacono of Montreal, Quebec, Canada-based extreme death metallers KATAKLYSM in which he discusses how he got into metal and what his first concert experience was like can be seen below.

KATAKLYSM recently announced that Oli Beaudoin will be the drummer for the band on the next album and future tours.

Stated the band previously: “We are here today to announce that Oli Beaudoin will remain behind the throne as the drummer for KATAKLYSM on the next album and future tours. Max has informed that he cannot continue or return to the ranks at this time due to physical health issues. KATAKLYSM welcomes Oli on board as we forge on. Max remains our brother and will always be a part of KATAKLYSM. Those who saw him in Montreal playing the Road to Devastation with us at the end of the show, saw that even with severe pain the boy still has the chops to perform. We wish him well and know our paths will cross again.”

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