NewsJeffrey Knoblauch of Organ Dealer: What I'm Listening To

Jeffrey Knoblauch of Organ Dealer: What I’m Listening To

Captain Cleanoff – Rising Terror: Holy Shit. This gets my blood going. I don’t know what they put in the water down under. Maybe it’s the fact that so many different members of the indigenous fauna can kill you in a heartbeat? IDK. But every single person I’ve ever met from Australia is the nicest person on the planet while every grind or death metal band I’ve heard from there will actually put you to a sonic grinding death. This long awaited follow up to Symphonies of Slackness is no exception. One of my favorite releases… ever.

Organ Dealer’s grinding debut full-length, Visceral Infection, was recently released via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. Feel free to check out the full album stream below!

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